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This is the totally new type Actuators, which are combined Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline (BSSP) and Stepping Motor. Multi-function, Linear (Z), Rotary (Θ;Theta) and Vacuum (V), is available with one Unit. You can choose suitable one among 3-types for your application.

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VZ<span style='font-weight:400;'>θ Actuator

다이렉트 드라이브타입

Dual Motion actuators,Triple motion actuators

Super Slim body is useful for saving space because of combination of Hollow Motor + BSSP (Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline).
No wear powder from Belt & Pulley because of Direct Drive structure.
Minimum number of components leads to simple design & saving space.
In case of 42 size Motor, not only Linear (Z) and Rotary (Θ;theta) motion but also Vacuum (V) function are available.

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하이브리드 타입

Hybrid type

Linear (Z) , Rotary (θ;theta) motion and Vacuum (V) function are available, same as Tower type.
Combination of Hollow Motor and Normal Motor provides compact length of Z-θ(theta) Actuator.
Long stroke design is available.
Many kinds of side Motor is provided.
Vacuum function (V) is available through bore hole of Screw Shaft.

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벨트 드라이브 타입

Belt Drive type

Compact body design and multi-functional, Linear (Z), Rotary (θ;theta) and Vacuum (V), can be provided.
The Smallest and lightest V-Z-theta Actuator with 4mm size of BSSP (Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline).
Motor choice is flexible for your application.
Vacuum function is also available through bore hole in spite of the smallest Shaft diameter.

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Belt Drive High Speed type

VZθ Actuator(High Speed type)

We upgraded out our conventional V-Z-θ Actuator! Realized higher speed and more compactness.

첨부 파일

*Pulse train Selector PSB-F2A00


This is an optional Circuit Board suitable for driving VZθ Actuators.
The pulse train signals of Z axis and θ axis received from the host controller such as PLC are transmitted to each Motor Driver.
Normally, in the θ-axis operation of our VZθ Actuator, it is necessary to operate the 2-axis Motor synchronously, but this product is able to distribute the θ-axis pulse train (for 1 axis) to 2 axes and transmit the pulse train to the Motor Driver.

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