Export administration

Export administration

KSS Export administration policy is to conform to Japanese Export Regulation.(KSS Export compliance Program is registered in Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry;No.1970) All of products manufactured in Japan are restricted to export by Japanese Export Regulation, depending on its usage, final destination and so on, which is called Catch-all Control. Especially, military and weapon use are prohibited to export without license issued by Japanese Government. In accordance with the Regulation by Japanese Government, KSS may reject your inquiry for military and weapon use in special cases. Therefore, all of inquiries from foreign country, KSS needs an information about its usage and final destination to export. In addition, some of the products are not allowed to export themselves without license by Japanese Government, which is called List Regulation. An attached table shows whether each KSS Standard Products are applicable for List Regulation or not. In case of “Applicable” with any condition, please ask KSS sales representative.

List Regulation of KSS Standard Products

*Please see an attached file for List Regulation of KSS Standard Products. PDFDownload

List Regulation and Catch-all Control

All of KSS products except some special ones are “not applicable” to List Regulation, but “applicable” to Catch-all Control for all products. It depends on the customer’s decision to export regarding Catch-all Control. Please apply license to export to Japanese Government if necessary.

Request for Issue of Export Certificate

If you need Export Certification, please ask KSS sales Department with an attached form to be filled in. Usage, final customer and final destination are the crucial information to judge. In case of lack of information, KSS may not issue the Certification.
*Download ; Request form of Export Certificate (Excel)  download