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There are 2 types of KSS Rolled Ball Screws, one of which is Standard Products in stock for short delivery, the other is Customized Products with flexible design.

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Rolled Ball Screws


To meet customer's request of quick delivery, KSS has specified model type in stock. The end-journal configuration in SRT/SSRT series is standardized and is possible to reduce numbers of design process by customer.

*SR/SSR Serie

rolled ball screws SR/SSR series

Standard and reasonable price products by Rolling formed process. Since fixed and supported side end-journal are unfinished, design flexibility is enlarged. There are also Rolled Ball Screws made of stainless steel (SSR series) in stock.

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rolled ball screw SRT/SSRT series

Fixed side end-journal is set up bigger than Shaft nominal diameter and unfinished. More design flexibility compared to current Rolled Ball Screws. It is possible to design end-journal configuration compatible with SG series. There are also Integrated Rolled Ball Screws made of stainless steel (SSRT series) in stock.

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rolled ball screw PSR/PSRT series

High accuracy (JIS C5) has been achieved by Rolled Ball Screw. We provide Rolled Ball Screws with high precision & better cost performance, which can be replaced with conventional Ground Ball Screw with C5 grade.

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In order to meet the needs of customer's requested design, we offer customized products.
To reduce design process at customer, each Nut type is standardized.

*Single Nut with Flange

rolled ball screw Single Nut with Flange

It is most simple Single Nut type. Nut should be mounted using bolt holes in Flange.

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*Hülsenart Einzelmutter

rolled ball screw Sleeve type Single Nut

It is Cylindrical Single Nut which is compact. The Nut should be mounted by clamping on the keyway on the Nut outer and Nut end surface.

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*Einzelmutter mit M-Gewinde

rolled ball screw Single Nut with M-thread

The Cylindrical type with M-thread at the Nut end. The Nut should be mounted using M-thread. It is suitable for mounting with cylinder.

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