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Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline (BSSP)

Ball Screw manufacturing company (KSS) and Ball Spline manufacturing company (HEPHAIST) collaborated for developing new product, which is focused on Hybrid, Compact and lightweight. Ball Screws with Ball Spline (BSSP) are provided as customized products.
Ball Spline grooves are processed on the Ball Screw Shaft, this enable to move linearly and rotationally. In addition, air suction function is available through bore hollow.

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ball screw with ball spline BSSP

Standard Products

Overlap type

ボールねじスプライン オーバーラップタイプ

Short lead time became available by standardizing our Ball Screw with Ball Spline(BSSP) in stock. Several choices of end journal profile and strokes (thread lengths) are possible by re-works on Shaft end.

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Customized Products

Separated type

ball screw with ball spline separated type

It is a combined product, which has Ball Screw and Ball Spline processed on the same Shaft.

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Overlap type

ball screw with ball spline overlap type

By processing Ball Screw and Ball Spline on one place makes product have longer travel and compact.

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